[175][157][178][179][73] Some were left-leaning and others were right-leaning. [120][119] Instead of arriving at around 12:00 PM, the bus arrived at 3:00 PM in Bremen. Günter Schröter scored all five goals for SC Dynamo Berlin in the 5-0 victory over SC Lokomotiv Leipzig on 10 May 1959. [40] 1. [131] It is considered the spiritual home of the club. Cool words were always well received. They stood as a block like a wall." [81] Although Falko Götz and Dirk Schlegen were labeled as "sports traitors", their defection had little effect on the team. Hansa Rostock in March 1991. What happened after is subject to various rumors. Control of the logo image has since passed to André Sommer and Rayk Bernt and their marketing firm Ra-Be GmbH through which they take ten percent of the value of all fan articles sold. FC Lokomotive Leipzig prior matches against BFC Dynamo, so that they were banned from the next match. In the early 1990s a number of Dynamo clubs across East Germany, such as the professional ice hockey club SC Dynamo Berlin (today Eisbären Berlin) in 1992, eliminated its Dynamo names. [147] The team celebrated nine of its ten DDR-Oberliga titles in the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Stadium and played most of its home matches in the European competitions at the stadium. [152] The complex was equipped with a boarding school, several football pitches, a sports hall, a swimming pool, a fitness area and a sauna. [34][37][3], Delegation of football players and concentration of the best players in one team was common practice in East Germany, as in the Eastern Bloc. [104][95][86] However, a video recording was sent to Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) in 2000. [168], The Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Stadion is planned to be demolished during the 2020-21 season for a complete redevelopment. The issue also affected other former East German teams including Dynamo Dresden (8 titles), Vorwärts Berlin (6), SC Wismut Karl Marx Stadt, Carl Zeiss Jena and 1. The players are sorted chronologically. [26] They could also throw bananas, that were only available in East Berlin, at home fans during away matches in Saxony. Jedná sa o najúspešnejší východonemecký futbalový klub, ktorý vyhral desať ligových titulov. [215] The group was blocked from entering the stadium by police equipped with helmets and shields, despite showing valid tickets. Berlin had no representation in the DDR-Oberliga at the time, and this did not please the president of SV Dynamo Erich Mielke. According to Christian Backs, the team only received more political training, and there were no reprisals. [179][181][182] One fan recalled that that 1980s "were my greatest years, as we always had glorious success in provoking other fans" and another one that "we were really hated by everyone". The club is the record champion of East Germany with ten consecutive league championships from 1979 through 1988. Formal title celebrations took place in June 1978 at the hotel and restaurant Bastein at Prager Straße in Dresden. – Die BFC-Fans der 1980er Jahre", "Hooligans in der DDR: Feuerwerk am hellichten Tag", "Die Fans des Ost-Berliner Klubs BFC Dynamo gelten als die brutalsten der Republik", "Fußball im Osten: Radikalisierung der Fans", "Montagsinterview: "Dieser Hass hat mich erschreckt, "Vertuschte Gefahr: Die Stasi & Neonazis", "GDR » Oberliga 1988/1989 » Attendance » Home matches", "GDR » Oberliga 1990/1991 » Attendance » Home matches". [181] Fans of BFC Dynamo would sometimes respond to the hatred they met by singing chants in praise of Erich Mielke as a provocation. [105][61], It was later known that Adolf Prokop had been a Stasi officer, employed as an officer in special service (OibE), and that several referees, including Bernd Stumpf, had been Stasi informants. SC Dynamo Berlin was founded as a sports club in East Berlin on 1 October 1954. [83][95][96][nb 6] The study came to the conclusion that BFC Dynamo was favored and had gained at least 8 points due to alleged referee bias. [121][124] Jürgen Bogs was forced to justify himself to the DFV the day after the defeat and would receive a reprimand. [182][211][219] The demonstration was supported by the recently founded Fanprojekt Berlin. [nb 4] This was part of a sports system, where talents and the best players were concentrated in centers of excellence or delegated to focus clubs. When SC Dynamo Berlin tried to exercise its right as a sports club to draw talented players from SG Dynamo Schwerin, they put up stern resistance. The situation of BFC Dynamo was complicated as they had neglected to copyright their old crest. [182] The reputation of BFC Dynamo as the hated Stasi club attracted skinheads, who used the club as a stage for their provocations. [214] There was rampage at the Park Hotel. The refurbishment included new fences and player tunnels. during a match at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark in April 1983. The book was first published in 2002 and describes the supporter scene from the late 1970s and forward. [7][8][3][9][nb 2] The relocation was designed to provide the capital with a team that could rival Hertha BSC, Blau-Weiß 1890 Berlin and Tennis Borussia Berlin, which were still popular in East Berlin and drew football fans to West Berlin. They smashed shop windows and windscreens of police vehicles with stones, and left a trail of destruction in the city center. [175] By the mid-1980s, the club had become particularly popular in the growing skinhead movement. [232] Younger hooligans of BFC Dynamo have contacts with supporter group Kaliber 030 at Hertha BSC. Dynamo Berlin, Berliner Fussball-Club Dynamo eller BFC Dynamo, tysk fodboldklub, grundlagt 1966, var tidligere en del av SC Dynamo Berlin.Klubben er tidligere mesterklub i DDR.. Historie. [119], Average home attendance fell from 15,000 to 9,000 during the 1980s. [63][64] Lutz Eigendorf was one of the most promising players in East German football. [29][30][3][31][9] SG Dynamo Hohenschönhausen was also disbanded, and joined with BFC Dynamo. The club is the record champion of East Germany with … |, Kartenfestival - Am Ende in doppelter Unterzahl wenigstens einen Punkt gerettet, Glückwunsch: Kevin Sommer feiert 31. The last defeat had occurred against SG Dynamo Dresden in the 22nd match day of the 1981–82 season. Now they chanted "Mielke, we love you!" [165] The move was greeted by some supporters as a move to the true home of the club. FC Köln in the first round. [206][208] Supporters who returned from West Germany also brought back a new fashion based on designer clothing labels and expensive sportswear, which was adopted by the supporter scene. The Stasi assigned a group of two full-time officers from the district administration to the supporter scene during 1982-83 season. [15][8][3][9], Among the players delegated from SG Dynamo Dresden were Johannes Matzen, Herbert Schoen and Günter Schröter. BFC Dynamo had to file for insolvency in 2001 but was eventually rescued by its supporters. Its members have been supporters of BFC Dynamo since the late 1970s. Norbert Ulhig has been president since 11 October 2008. BFC won the first leg 1–0 away, with a single goal scored by Hans-Jürgen Riediger, but was eliminated on aggregate goals, after a 1–3 loss in front ot 30,000 spectators at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Sportpark. [131][233], The contemporary supporter scene contains various subcultures and categories of supporters. BFC Dynamo won the next match 5-1 against FC Karl-Marx-Stadt. The clothing store Hoolywood on Schönhauser Allée in Prenzlauer Berg, founded in the beginning of the 1990s, is associated with the supporter scene of BFC Dynamo.[177][241][243]. These clubs were meant to provide stability to the game at the top level and to supply the national team with talent. The DDR-Oberliga was dissolved after the German Reunification and replaced by the Bundesliga, as East Germany joined West Germany to form the reunited Germany. [211][215] The Volkspolizei had also fired at fleeing supporters. [134] The Sportforum Hohenschönhausen is still unique as of today. [220][221] The ground floor of a department store on Brühl was destroyed. for BFC Dynamo in 1999. [239] Far-right symbols and slogans are not tolerated by the club. The new Fredrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark is going to be multi-sports facility with 20,000 seats. He became second placed league top goal scorer in the 1955 and 1959 season. [176][177] Some fans of BFC Dynamo found delight in the unpopularity of their club and took pride in the hatred they met. We were direct and provocative, kind and evil, in love, or drunk. The subsequent DFB-Pokal match against VfB Stuttgart took place on 4 August 2013 in front of 9,227 spectators. Summary; Matches; Squad; Statistics; Transfers; Trophies; Venue Info Official website. [173], BFC Dynamo played only a minor role in football in Berlin until the relocation of FC Vorwärts Berlin to Frankfurt an der Oder in 1971. [131], BFC Dynamo had 150 Category C-supporters in 2005. Other head coaches of SC Dynamo Berlin were Istvan Orczifalvi, Fritz Bachmann, János Gyarmati and Fritz Gödicke. Po roku Dynamo wróciło do ligi. SG Dynamo Dresden had been severely weakened by the establishment of SC Dynamo Berlin in 1954 and also suffered relegation the same year. But another rival would at the same time disappear when the Stasi outmaneuvered the army and FC Vortwärts Berlin was relocated to Frankfurt an der Oder in 1971. [48] However, a more likely explanation for the surprising loss in Bremen is that the players of BFC Dynamo could not cope with the tremendous media pressure following their home win. FC Union Berlin. [119][120] There are allegations that this was purposely done by Willi Lemke for players of BFC Dynamo to lose their concentration. [53] BFC Dynamo lost the match 0–1. FC Union Berlin in the East German era. BFC Dynamo had the best material conditions in the league and the best team by far. No contacts with the West was allowed. [218][206][211], Mike Polley was considered a beginner in the supporter scene. BFC Dynamo finished the Regionalliga season 2017–18 4th and once again qualified for the DFB-Pokal. You can't manipulate 10 league titles. But this period also saw SG Dynamo Dresden return to dominance. [96] The study even ended end up with Egon Krenz, who by that time was the Secretary for Security, Youth and Sports of the SED Central Committee. ", "Rassismus beim BFC Dynamo: Ultralangsam aus der rechten Ecke", "Toter BFC-Fan wird von den Hooligans als Märtyrer verehrt", "Seit 25 Jahren fast jedes Wochenende im Stadion: Uwe Storm jagt Hools in seiner Freizeit", "Willmanns Kolumne: Die Feierbiester des BFC Dynamo sind zurück", "BFC Dynamo-Fans treffen sich am Alexanderplatz", "Vor 28 Jahren wurde Mike Polley erschossen", "FanProjekt Berlin: Aufsuchende pädagogische Arbeit mit jugendlichen Fußballfans", "BFC DYNAMO: Nach dem drohenden Spielverbot schlägt Fan-Beauftragter Rainer Lüdtke im B.Z.-Interview Alarm", "Mit Musik zum Derby: Eine Hymne für den BFC Dynamo", "Wie die orangene Bomberjacke ihr Nazi-Image ablegte", "Ronaldos Partner stürmt für den BFC - Oberliga-Saisonstart am 6. Zobacz też: Q – runda eliminacyjna, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 – odpowiednia faza rozgrywek, Grupa – runda grupowa, 1r gr – pierwsza runda grupowa, 2r gr – druga runda grupowa, F – finał, R – runda, PO – play-off, k. – rzuty karne, los. [206][210] Riots now continued in central Leipzig, where policed presence was low. [10] FC Vorwärts Berlin was sponsored by the National People's Army and 1. In the 2013–14 Oberliga season, BFC Dynamo won 15 out of the initial 16 games (while drawing against SV Lichtenberg 47). [3][39] However, BFC Dynamo would be able to recruit talents from across East Germany. In 2004, the DFB introduced the Verdiente Meistervereine – a system to honor the most successful teams in Bundesliga history awarding one star for three titles, two stars for five, and three stars for ten – allowing qualifying teams to display on their jerseys the stars they have earned. Many players of BFC Dynamo of the 1970s and 1980s played for the East German national football team. [194][195] The disorder at the stadium would not cease and the match was eventually abandoned. ", "We provoked with chants and slogans. [175][176][177] There were punks, rockers, hippies and a few early skinheads. Expensive sneakers was now the new fashion. [177][230][228][235], The supporter scene played an important part in saving the club from bankruptcy in 2001. Berliner FC Dynamo (wcześniej również jako SC Dynamo Berlin i FC Berlin) jest niemieckim klubem piłkarskim. [210] There were clashes at the Leipzig main railway station, with one police officer injured and 50 hooligans taken into custody. But the club found itself owershadowed by the army sponsored ASK Vorwärts Berlin, who had captured the league title in the 1958 and 1960 DDR-Oberliga and would go in to capture several more titles in the coming years. [213], The situation peaked during a match between FC Sachsen Leipzig and FC Berlin on 3 November 1990. [13] Berlin was the capital of the republic, and he thought it needed a strong football team to represent it. SC Dynamo bylo založeno ještě v témže roce. Going back to the dispute over player delegations in 1965, feelings between the two clubs had been tense. Many political leaders took a keen interest in football and used their connections and resources to promote their favorite team and boost the prestige of their region or organization. BFC Dynamo hosted teams such as FC Dynamo Moscow, Red Star Belgrade, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, AS Roma and FC Aberdeen at the stadium in the 1970s and 1980s. [210][211][216] The group returned to the S-Bahn station and made an attempt to reach the stadium from the Pettenkofer Straße instead. We had the best team in terms of skill, fitness and mentality. [132][133] Development began in 1954 and expansion continued into the 1980s. [61] The average league attendance of the 1990–91 NOFV-Oberliga was by far the lowest in the league history. Sports director Hans Reker succeeded Karin Halsch as president on 25 June 2000. The episode, which was later known as "The shameful penalty of Leipzig", caused a wave of protests. Disclaimer: Although every possible effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our services we accept no responsibility for any kind of use made of any kind of data and information provided by this site. [176] Nationalist chants and Nazi slogans were considered the most challenging provocations, as anti-fascism was state doctrine and Nazism officially did not exist in East Germany. - Warum ein Ostberliner in der nordirischen Kurve steht", "Buchreihe "Fußballfibeln": Ich wohne in der Zone! [210][215], Riots broke out at the S-Bahn station. In 1990, the side was renamed FC Berlin in an attempt to distance it from its past. [211][214] A first group of around 100 supporters of FC Berlin entered the Georg-Schwarz-Sportpark in time for kick-off. [16][13][17][nb 3] SG Volkspolizei Dresden soon became a dominant side in East German football and was reformed as SG Dynamo Dresden in 1953. [164] Active supporters of BFC Dynamo are found on the grandstand and on the so called "Gegengerade", which is the side opposite the grandstand. A Stasi investigation revealed that a sense of injustice was shared also by members of the regional Stasi and that some members attending the game had either left the ground or followed the events passively. A few sources state that the stadium was originally built in 1954 and then refurbished in 1973. The first head coach was Helmut Petzold, who was delegated along with the team of SG Dynamo Dresden to SC Dynamo Berlin and took office on 21 November 1954. W sezonie 2000/01 Dynamo grało w IV lidze, pomimo wygrania swej grupy, w barażach o awans nie sprostało 1. [192], The dislike against BFC Dynamo in stadiums around the country and the hatred of opposing fans welded its supporters together. It was more important for them to protest, do their own thing and break out from everyday life. [189] From then, supporters were accompanied, observed and documented. Only after one and a half years of dominance did FC Karl-Marx-Stadt manage to defeat the team in the seventh match day of the 1983-84 season.

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